Sunday, October 6, 2013

Stop the Cataclysmic Disastrous Obamacare bill, Falsely named the 'Affordable Healthcare Act' because it is NOT affordable by any means !

Democrats and their communist type state run Democrat 
media bias networks NBC, ABC, CNN, ABC are liars and
minder manipulators, similar to state run media in 
communists countries ! They do not present objectivity 
nor the truth. This is most evident on Sunday morning 
mainstream network news shows.

The communist type state run Democrat media bias networks 
NBC, ABC, CNN, ABC do this to help get their corrupt 
Democrats elected. Where did the communists go ? To the Democrat party.

 Fox News channel is different. They present the truth. They 
 are good to listen to and watch. Obama / Democrat Senators 
and Democrat House members are propped up by  Democrat 
bias propaganda mass media media, similar to state run media in communist countries.

There is NO objectivity because the bias media protect their 
Obama and his elected democrats, just like propaganda state run media in communist countries protect the evil communist oppressor leaders in communist countries ! This is unfair and is having disastrous effects on all Americans and legal residents from other countries.

Orange County California Democrat Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez and many other Democrat House members and Democrat Senators NEVER READ THE BILL BEFORE PASSING IT ! Democrat Loretta Sanchez admitted before voting for the bill that she never read it !


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